Apr 29, 2017

What's this?

Rebecca Hall on poorly cut linen.
Pineberry Lane is having a sale this weekend, ending Sunday 4/30 at 6pm.  I have several of her designs but one that I do not remember caught my eye.  Small and simple, chose the e-pattern, and decided to start it right away before the bloom faded.  But you know I am changing colors don't you?  Mainly because I chose 35 count Straw linen and this piece is pretty gold.  Changed the greens to brown but the blue will stay, and I may add more color into the motif body.  Reproductions are true to their antique originals but ..... I am not a purist and have no issue with making changes.

It will be another stuffed small to hang on a doorknob or peg, about 5.25" square on 35 count.
A cold and rainy Saturday brought the Nitster in for a snoozy afternoon.  He was curled up in the back of the box most of the day and I could not find him, thought Mark let him out.  Eventually his ornery little head appeared and he slept like this for another hour.
Hope your weekend is going well.
Thanks for visiting.

Apr 27, 2017

Miniature Sampler chart

Also posted under the FREE tab.
The spaces between each letter are not the same throughout so make sure you don't  just stitch away without checking.  Stitched over two.

Click on chart to open in a new window, then right click and choose Print.  If you have problems, let me know.
You can see how small it is compared to my needlebook and the last little sampler.  Maybe I should have used a 30 or 32 but I wanted to use one strand of floss.  I think eyelets look much better with one than two.


I will post the chart this afternoon.  Changed a few colors (few??) as I stitched and will make those corrections first.
Needlebook?  Ornament? 

Apr 25, 2017


Sun on a cardinal's red.
Spring colors, but I think it's too much in a small piece.
I like the purple of the eyelets, but may remove it from the body. 

Hope you have a great day.

Apr 23, 2017

Small and top heavy

Neither of which I am.  After removing Flora's error and preparing to start again,  I just couldn't do it.  I had a miniature sampler in my head for a while now and decided to chart it.   Not sure of the colors until I stitch it but so far, they're springy.  On 32 count it will be a little over 2 1/2" wide and I had not planned for it to be so small.  Counting as I was charting would have been smart but .....
I may start this evening, may not.  Today has been a real bitchy day.  I noticed that when I am ill, in pain, on meds, the hot flashes take a break.  I am greatly improved, but must have reached meno's cut-off point for sympathy because those rat bastards are back.  If I had not been in agony I would have enjoyed the break.  I stopped at my chiro's to give him a bag of hot sausage, hot sticks, and jalapeno sticks from the nearby meat market because without his treatments, I would still be bent over.  He mentioned how he and his wife enjoy hot foods and I knew raw meat would make it to his office, chocolate would have perished on the way.  Saw a lot of cat hair in that bent position that I had not noticed before.  I bought more Playtex gloves a few weeks ago and am so glad they take care of the furniture and bedding hair.
I am sticking to my Weight Watcher points but haven't lost any more than the first week.  I am hungry.  Really.  Even a Lean Cuisine (which is more like a snack than a meal) is 1/3 of my daily points and I am loading with fruit, but I may switch to the Simply Filling plan.  It's also a nuisance to run to the laptop to check and enter points every time something hits my lips.  A phone (that I don't have) would be easier and even though I updated, their website is an unreadable mess on my tablet.  It's a good plan, but I don't know if it's for me.
Enjoy the last week of April.  Time is flying.
p.s.  Yes I will share this miniature in case you are interested.

Apr 22, 2017

Just in case

you don't receive the newsletter from the Essamplaire, the current issue offers links to some interesting sites showing beautiful antique pieces and files to open.  One link in particular could keep me busy for hours.
The files to browse are 100 year old pictures used for the 1921 American Samplers.  Another link on the page opens 473 pages of samplers, not very good photos, but you can click on any to enlarge for more information.  Just an interesting site with lots to view.
The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America's home page is http://nscda.org/

Very interesting reading about textile preservation here Museum Textile Services.
A major error (I left out the 9) in a completed row has brought me to a screeching halt.  Whether I continue or choose something small and easy will be determined this evening.
Look at the bellies on these three.  Fawns soon!
Have a great weekend!
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